Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new t-shirt design

...for INSULA MUSIC , best recordstore in copenhagen

Monday, April 25, 2011


Doing so much magazine layout has been making more open to screwing around with art ideas. I'm going to do some collages of photos to recreate some of my characters as they would look "in real life." I think i'm going to use these in my video game. These guys would be great fighting against giant 9-11 Twin Towers filled with intestines.
Cube Face
cube face
Pineapple Face
pineapple face
Pineapple Face by Revenge

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Masquerade - Austria

In fairness this once mythical now largely theatrical creature was not confined to any one country but figured prominently in the culture of the Alpine region in general, Austrian traditions simply favor the Krampus more strongly. Even sourpuss political regimes who frowned upon this tradition, such as the Austrofascists, could not kill this ancient figure within their subjects' imaginations. During the first two weeks of December, many men dress as the Krampus and roam the streets menacingly as a warning to children of what may befall them if they should behave wickedly; a punishing counterpart to the dullard St. Nicholas. How much more interesting Christmas must be in the alps, in comparison to the utterly depressing holiday drivel that I am awash in every goddamn December on this side of the Atlantic. Winter ought to be a time to take in and relish the gloom and be reminded that you must and will die, and be all the wiser for knowing this. At least this point is not lost everywhere. In fact, anyone who sees this post, who possesses any remotely formidable artistic talent whatsoever, please take up your craft next December and pay visual tribute to the Krampus,  placing your efforts within the looking distance of the public eye. Lets not allow these sterile minded, soulless yuppies and their fat, spoiled kids (in dire need of a visit from the Krampus) to anesthetize every aspect of Winter with their wretched hallmark holidays.

File:Krampus Morzger Pass Salzburg 2008 10.jpg

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

returner cd project

I did this project for the Death Metal Band Returner, the project was a collaboration with myself (art), my boy Bobby Patel (logo and type), and the drummer John Kois (it's his band). You can check them out at their facebook- www.facebook.com/returnerphilly . The blood on the front cover was actually made/mixed by my wife Riss who is an RN, and she's seen a shit load of the real thing, so that made the process a whole lot easier for me.
Anyways it was fun fun fun.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

breaking the monotony

Sorry for posting 5 almost exactly the same images. Here is something to break up the monotony. I don't think I have posted it previously.


Uncertainty about current piece

I have been messing with this a bunch today. I'm not sure which version, if any, is my favorite. Any thoughts from anyone?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Masquerade - Venice

As per Aeron's suggestion, my next post following this theme will probably be in regards to the Krampus, I'd forgotten all about them, including their name to begin with. However it is way too goddamn easy to find imagery depicting the famous style of mask worn during the traditional carnivals in Venice. Perhaps my favorite variety of mask; yes, I'd wager even more so than those made traditionally in Japan. The Mediterranean and the Far East are tied in my personal first place preference of mythological bestiary. Long before photography was a mere speculative technology of some far-flung imaginary future, the festivals of old Venice were said in some sources to be wild, unhinged, and at-times orgiastic affairs more akin to ancient pagan Bacchanalia than bourgeois family-friendly carnivalia; as beguiling, mysterious, and depraved as the masks first worn by royal-blooded or silver-tongued revelers and now by wealthy tourists in this fallen age. What strange sights I could capture if I had a time machine (and some knowledge of how it worked), a black&white camera, and the quiet stealth of a ninja.




stock photo : A luxurious golden mask with long feathers on a black background

For those who've recognize these from Eyes Wide Shut. Probably everyone.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Professor Bad Trip

Recently, I have been going through old stuff, rummaging in boxes full of dusty drawings at my parental cave. During the 1990s I did an anthology called Thank god it's Ugly with collaborations with Jakob Klemencic, Mike Diana, Matthias Lehmann and others. In fact, I owe Jakob for coming up with the catch phrase for the title. Anyway, it was a fruitful period, but after 2002 these collaborations came to a standstill as everybody started concentrating on their solo careers, or dropped out.

In 2006 I was saddened to learn that Gianluca Lerici a.k.a. Professor Bad Trip from La Spezia, Italy, had died from heart failure at the frightening early age of 43. Here is a couple of drawings we did together. I sent pencil sketches to Gianluca by old-fashioned snail mail and he finished them and sent them back, using only markers. His way of working is immaculate. There are mistakes nor white-out on his original art. Not all his work was in b/w though. He did colourful paintings and objects too - as a quick google search can show you. Amazing stuff. Good to know that he is not forgotten.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been asked to contribute a pin-up for an upcoming collection of work by a particular artist I can't name (the character here should give you a hint though), and here's a preview...

I'm also working on a sculpt for a possible resin kit version of Cankorr. It's pretty rough right now but you get the gist of it...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sketchbook #38

Time to start a new sketchbook by painting its cover. This time I forced myself to use different colours than usual - for variety's sake. (I tend to use a lot of blue and green when I am not thinking)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Unfinished Demons and Yokai

Hello, All! Sorry, it's been a while since my last post. As per the email conversations, I thought I'd show some sketches I did for a freelance job. Rejects, really, as none of these really look like the finished drawing. The client was " Burning Wheel," an RPG. The creator needed illustrations for his "Monster Burner," a compendium of beasties included in his game world. These are drawings I did for creating a generic demon.



I didn't have much direction on it- just "draw a demon," so I drew a fairly wide variety.


The demon head in the lower left is the closest to what we ended up with. The client liked the almost female half-face, like the demon was a twisted perversion of a once-beautiful woman. Odd. I can't seem to locate the final inked version on my drive, but I think we can live without it for now.

I did a series of Yokai- creatures from Japanese folklore- for the same game. This is Hari Onago, a Japanese spirit possessing the usual extra, extra long hair, but each strand has, at its end, a barbed hook for ensnaring her victims.


Now, something a bit different, as far as my usual styles go. These are Yokai characters for an animation project at work. There's a very loose attempt at creating a sumi-e style.


L-R Top Row: Yama-chichi/Yamajijii, Nuribotoke, Dodomeki
Bottom Row: Wanuguchi, Rokurokubi

I hadn't heard of the character, Nuribotoke, before. He's this dancing corpse with oozing black skin, dangling eyeballs, and a bloated belly. I want to do further illustrations of him.

Location:Brooklyn, NY