Monday, December 29, 2008

Hot Air Balloon VS Giant Floating Octopus

I just had a great idea for an image. A hot air balloon shooting at a giant floating octopus type creature. And a small array of weird octo creatures flying around it, possibly with bat wings and little hats. This is going to be a digital collage and have an awesome starry sky background. I think the focal point will be the bright explosion from the hot air balloon against the night sky as it shoots a cannon at the octopus. I can't wait to have the time to work on this, which is going to be way too long from now.

Also, I think we need an official EBD jacket like Commander Mark so people know we're not fucking around. Of course we'll need to take out some crayons to make room for switch blades, cigars, rolled up porno mags and little mini bottles of Jack Daniels.

Fangus Foetus

This is a Hideshi Hino inspired sketchbook drawing.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Daily Hitler

The Daily Hitler has been featuring some great Nazi Christmas items, because Christmas really brings out the best in all of us.


Nudetard Bomb

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One of my favorite mediums which i recently have been working in again is the "Lunatic Flier". I used to be much more into it with the controlled audience of the school, but it's been a while since i've been in an environment like that, where it's easy to monitor everyone's reaction (very rewarding). Sometimes you just have to not care if you can't see people's reactions & assume that you're going to get one, but how fun is that? Hmmm.

please litter

dinosaur riot communique

Jacob's Shrine

I haven't posted much artwork here lately but here's something I was messing with the other night to try to get a handle on some color effects. I've been caught up with commission work lately but hope to share some of my personal projects in the near future.

You can't play with my yo-yo

I've been involved in yo-yo competitions.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Daaaamnn!!!! Youtube Videos You Need To See

There is no description I could give this that could possibly explain what's going on in it..

Giorgio Moroder breakin it down..

Superjail Clip

Andy Kaufman at his finest..

And here's something to get you in the Holiday Spirit, now run and hide from Santa! This is right out of a Ren and Stimpy cartoon. I could easily see Wilbur J. Cobb saying this in the same voice to a quivering ball of scared Ren and Stimpy listening in horror at the reality of Santa and what he does to the bad.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hello! I realized i haven't been posting much here lately, but i've been doing lots of freelance work lately, which is very fun. Also, gearing up for Christmas.

These are some maps i did where me & the director had some communication problems & i went a way too crazy on them. So, you get to see them early & i go back to the drawing board! I like this style though, i'll probably do some more stuff using this concept.
map del crazy

map merv

Here's M1 of Dead Prez with the Tofurky lunchbox i designed. My work is all over their website as well. Pretty weird to see people at Sundance sporting my ephemeral crapola. The lunchbox is being called "classic".
M1 of Dead Prez with my lunchbox

AND, a new seasonal Mr. Sean's Showbag. This one is for the New Year, which is my way of saying a universal Merry Christmas to all ragtag nonconforming individualistic cultures out there. I'm pretty obsessed with Punch & Judy.

Mr. Sean's New Year's Showbag

You can get one for yourself or for some kids you know for $5 a pop. They include... a bunch of candy, gum, plastic toys, chinese finger trap, party popper, glow-stick, pogs, pack of Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps cards & the new FREE INSIDE Goblinko cereal box art mini-zine (full color) & whatever else i've got that's exciting lying around.

## 41 - 49

I just went to see an exhibit about the history of deep sea exploration, which inspired me to post some recent Cthulhu sketches.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Show Yer Desktops

Alright, let's see em. Feel free to edit into this post to update your desktop image into it. Make sure to include your name so we know whose is whose. Mine is a screenshot I took from the German documentary film on witches, Haxan. I've had this as my desktop for a good half year and am about due for a new one. - Aeron

Here goes mine, it's some kind of bubblegum machine insert. ~Mr. Sean.

Mother with dead child (käte kollwitz) *Agaiihine That's what it looks like on my computer. I quite like the way it increases the weight...
Paleo here

i have this snappy Picasso faun at the center of my screen

That Kollwitz drawing is breathtaking.

TCJ Narrative Corpse 2

Okay, so since no one else is plugging this thing, I'm gonna do it.
Among many other well-known and not-so-well-known artists, serveral members of this venerable gang participated in a comic jam project which originated over on the Comics Journal message board. It was the second such endeavor, went on for over a year and was recently concluded. It turned out really nice and I daresay Sean, Zeke, Aeron, Ray, Jon, David and myself (edit: and CHRIS!) did a pretty good job of defending the honor of the Ducks.
Here's the blog page where the whole thing can be read.
These are my pages - I originally handed them in in black & white, but added some greyscales later:

Monday, December 15, 2008

La Commissure 2

FEATURING: Tommi Musturi / Adrien Fregosi / Patrick Lombe / Zven Baslev / Mark Van Elburg / CrippaXXXAlmqvist / Kate Donovan / Minou / Zeke S. Clough / Knut Rothe / Christian Kind / Guillaume Soulatges / Vincent Zurwesten / A. Gaiihine / Matthieu Levet / Yann Tréhin / Samuel Mann / Noémie Barsolle / Pierre / André Lemos / Sonia Rollins / Francesco Defourny / Harald Kuhn / Pascal Nichols / Roman Maeder / Carlos Aón / Nadia Agnolet / Freddo / Thierry Chaton / João Montréal /56 pages / 7 euros

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bill the Cat & Garfield on a Rampage.

Erik Den Breejen & Me did this painting when we were 9 or so. I'm sure i did some painting in school, but this is probably both of our first actual "art" pieces. We're both professional artist types now, so your childhood inclinations should be trusted. Just in case you couldn't figure it out, it's Garfield & Bill the Cat in a stolen police car running over a hippie.

Bill the Cat & Garfield on a rampage.

I appreciate that my style & my inclinations have not changed in one bit since i was that age.

Something Sick and Fantastic

Goofin off in photoshop.

Edit - I was browsing flickr to see if there were pics of the Fantagraphics Beasts! print show that opened last night and found THIS. I was amused to find my print at (almost) the dead center of the photo collage.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Need Help In Photoshop

Does anyone know how to flatten multiple layers that have effects like overlay, soft light, etc without flattening the image? This has been driving me insane lately, I have dozens of layers in a project I'm working on right now that have varying layer effects and every time I want to flatten a selection of layers it removes the effects. Thanks for any help!

I've dug through photoshop tutorials and haven't found any answers to this, I'm hoping this isn't some weird problem that just my copy of PS is having.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

inks from pavilion & inos sketch books

The Ptolemy's
Birth machine


World as we know it

What Is It?

Seriously, what the hell is this thing? I found this in a folder and must have downloaded it while not paying attention to when or where I found it. I'm hoping this is one of many insanely awesome sculptures by some artist I don't know about.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ruined shopping mall.

I've been wanting to do an animation for ages, here's a scene I'm working on, been trying to get a good contrast between the characters and the background.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Léo Quievreux: comix, graphzines, music

Here is an interview with Léo Quievreux. His graphic style is witty, personal and elegant.
May be some of you will take the opportunity of this interview to approach his work: Léo’s website

"A: Can you tell me more about Gotoproduction? Where can we find the books?
L: Gotoproduction started as a small editorial which was realized in collaboration with two friends of mine. Between 1991 and 2000, we published about 60 books (illustrations, texts, comix). Most of them were photocopied (we were very careful in choosing the quality of the paper, the cover, etc…) while others were realized using a printer (to make more copies). One of our motivations was to make known authors like Pierre Francon or Anne-Laure Draisey, whose work we very much appreciate. Although Gotoproduction has ceased its activity, some copies might still be available in the excellent bookshops « Un Regard Moderne » or « La Comète de Carthage » in Paris.

A: I first discovered your work in 'En costume' (edition chacal puant) and I loved those three pages… What were the circumstances when working with Olive and Blanquet?
L: Well… This is an old story. It was a short contribution.

A: You have published a lot with "Le dernier cri"…
L: Indeed, the collaboration with this publisher has been constant for the last 10 years, which gave me the opportunity to meet many authors from all over the world and also persons working in the publishing business (notably people of Strapazin –Switzerland). I also discovered the screen-printing (I’ve often involved in the printing process of my books in Marseille); I find it very interesting...

A: There are many characters in Sàg… Do you make use of stereotypes or is it rather a fictionalization of real people?
L: Some of them were inspired by memories from my childhood or adolescence in Alsace (a region in France)…For instance, my grandfather used to take me to the shooting gallery (in Sàg n°1, the "author" of the bullet holes in that target is me!) I keep precious memories of these moments as well as the image of my grandfather's colleagues at the shooting sessions: an universe marked by strong influences from the right-wing politics and « a cowboyish way of things ». Schmitt and Vogel are eloquent examples of characters inspired by these memories. However, there is certainly a lot of fantasy and playing with imagination in this story (and some more bucolic memories!)

A : What is the meaning of the three-letter word "Sàg"?
L: “Sàg” means “Legend” in Alsatian.

A: Loads of crooks are present in your comix; You must be very keen on dark novels and gangster movies, I assume... Am I right?
L: Absolutely!
A: Is it true that "La mue" represents your first collaboration with a scriptwriter?
L: I had worked with Jean-Kristau before (he's an old friend of Gotoproduction) but if we refer to « La Mue » (with Tanguy Ferrand), this is the first collaboration indeed, taking into account that we are talking about a « non-confidential » publication.
A: How much freedom did you allow yourself while working on this comix?
L: A lot. As regards the drawings, they are realized in a more « classic » fashion, compared to my costumary style (the one I use in Sàg, for example). It was deliberate: I wanted something « relatively consensual » to better emphasize the perversity of this story.

A: Do you have any projects in the works that you can share with us?

L: Yes, I am working on a book with "Le Dernier Cri"- 130 pages in black and white (which will be released in 2009). I am also preparing a new comix collaboration with Tanguy, and of course my own comix projects.

There are some other things as well, you will be able to find more details on my website

The following drawings will be part of the book which Leo is planning on making with Le Dernier Cri: