Saturday, February 28, 2009

some drawings 09 08 06

spell to preserve against attack by she who is in the water

god maker


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

There always seems to be 2 stories behind these, do you want people to know what these are about? Or is the fantasy enough?

Aeron said...

Great colors in these! The red and blues in that first one really burn straight through the image.

MD Encolpius said...

Your right Adam, there are two angles to most of my art. The sub-story, in a way, is the engine for the image. These are the real mechanisms behind my art. However, I'd rather not reveal them (probably only like 3 people know their meaning in my psychological context). I like them to saturate through the other layers so they work on a more sub-conscious level. I'm happy that you picked that up, its kinda cool.

Aeron, thanks dude. I'd say color is making a bit of a comeback for me. In 2 weeks or so I'll post a bunch of priliminary drawins of something I'm working on. There's definitly lots of color in those.

PS- I went to Satyricon last night at Trocadero- it was finckin' amazing. I highly recommend 'Age of Nero'.


These are wicked, i love the "feeling" of them. They do always seem a bit unfinished to me, like there's a more fully rendered painting or something around the corner.