Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Splendid Ship & The Mousy Rat

Hey Duckers Pals, this one is to say goodbye, i got a million unfinished things swirling around; most urgent, i'm trying to get this brave new job and i can't afford to fail.

So, i gotta go yellow turtle and hide my web neck for a spell.

I'll still be posting at Monster Without A Cause and i intend to comment here often.

EBD Rooles!


David Paleo

PS: as a parting gift, here's a scan from the Summer of 1964 issue of Film Culture


Turok Reader said...

You don`t have to leave mate,
just do what I do and post less often.


Mr. Sean said...

Aw man! Yeah, what Jon said. By the way, love the drawing below... fantastic. Pleez Don't Go!

Paleo said...

Yeah, that would be the sensible and rational thing to do...

but! having just snatched the 1000 post, i gotta GO on that blaze of glory, like a Billy the Kid strolling towards the sunset on a dummy donkey made of dynamite.

ULAND said...

Hopefully we'll see you again soon, David.

Human Mollusk said...

The rendering in that drawing is fucking insane... blaze of glory indeed!
Good luck for your new adventures, and save a place for us in your worm-infested little heart, Mr. Paleo!

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I'll just say something nice ((and True))... You're one of the top 5 best comic artists alive today David Paleo,, good luck with the job.

Aeron said...

Good luck with the Job, David. I still want to do a big MB post on your artwerks, email me sometime so we can figure something out. And feel free to come back anytime.

Kathryn said...

good luck, hope you wioll pop in when you can.

Anonymous said...

You'll be missed David, don't OD on mutoid rat spleen or whatever weeirdness you're leaving us for, and keep in touch or one day I'll climb out of your toilet bowl and bite your slimy balls off!
p.s. I don't have the internet at home at the moment so wont be posting so much for the time being.

MD Encolpius said...

Good luck & pax

Anonymous said...

yep!, i do hope everything works out just the way you want it to, david!
but since you now ARE a goddamn great surely will!

Sagäuin said...

I will miss you mate. Good luck.

Paleo said...

Thank you so much pals!

Remember, as i wrote on the post, i still plan to be hovering around EBD writing comments, so get on with the art already!