Saturday, February 07, 2009

Three New "Picture" Blogs

Hi everybody -- contain yourselves, but I'm about to announce the creation of three new blogs! That's right -- I haven't posted anything here at EBD in months, yet I have the gall to advertise the work I'm doing elsewhere... *sigh*

E!X!T!R!E!M!E! O!R!I!F!I!C!E!
Stretch Glitch

Thanks for looking, and I do hope to catch up with my posting here soon. I've been building a new studio space with enough room to paint and make frames and even some furniture in addition to my usual bullshit collages, etc. so I'm pretty excited.

Best to everyone.


Aeron said...

I was running about 5 blogs at one point more by accident than intention. All I can say is... that way madness lies!!

Interesting art blogs though!

Paleo said...

We're sworn to Madness & Aesthetic Intolerance.

Hail Hell!