Sunday, February 15, 2009


From my new blog UZI REPTOID.

The most important issue in the world today is CONTROL & the creation SLAVES. It should be argued that most Americans are SLAVES these days. Heads buried in electronic screens, ear buds pumping noise, video games controlling time, false electronic money being siphoned off constantly through a variety of nonessentials, endless bureaucratic, meaningless work with no way out, false bank ownership of outdated housing dreams, mind pacified by mood drugs, perception controlled by false edutainment streams, land, space, time, activity controlled by laws & the threat of violence or time control as prison time. You have very little control. Even without all of these extraneous attempts at control, it is difficult to have mastery over one's life, but this is the goal.
uzi reptoid
There will always be spheres of control, where you allow outside control to manage things in order to concentrate on what you have decided, but this shouldn't be in the hands of the external sinister element (SERPENT MEN). CONTROLLERS (also know as ORGANIZERS ((not unlike the KOOL-AID MAN))) will attempt to convince you that they are organizing you, not controlling you. BUT WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT IS SELF-CONTROL, SELF-DETERMINATION & SELF-ORGANIZATION. Larger organization is fine & vital, but it is GROUP THINK, & should not be confused with SELF CONTROL & ULTIMATELY, MASTERY. They will choose the "greater good" over your lonely ass every time. A BALANCE MUST BE STRUCK.
Of course, so many of us are effectively BABIES when it comes to actual CONTROL & MASTERY. I have seen many that throw away all their control mechanisms fall into total devastation & MIND DAMAGE. They are not unlike experimental monkeys let loose in the laboratory. They will end up stuck with syringes & broken glass. YOU DON'T JUMP OUT OF A CAR GOING 100 MPH. You slow it down until it stops & get out.
reptoid roller


Human Mollusk said...

Really awesome concept, that new persona and blog, Sean. Fuckin' love it!

Sagäuin said...

Me too!!!!

ULAND said...


Marco Crupi said...

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MD Encolpius said...

cool stuff, I definitly hear you on that "slavery" shit.

Aeron said...

Hell yes, I've always found the lizard man concept very intriguing. I watched "They Live!" at least a million times when I was a kid so I guess that makes sense.

zeke said...

Gotta love that graffiti!!!


Chinese river squirrels.