Saturday, February 28, 2009

Floating City Above Rotten Landscape

Here's one of a selection of artworks made for the band "Unholy" for their upcoming album "New Life Behind Closed Eyes" on Prosthetic Records.
The album won't be out for a few months yet but details will appear on the band's page at the label here and their Myspace page.

The concept of the image was given to me by band member Jonathan Dennison and I just went crazy with it until I ended up with the image seen above.

I fell in love with the power of the stark contrasts possible in black and white imagery but color is something I'm really starting to find interesting. I began fine tuning a unique process of colorization that while very time consuming, allows me to approach the color effects in a painterly fashion. I'm really happy with the glowing toxic warm colors of the tumor like worm things on the ground.



THIS IS GREAT! WOW! I love the city with all the shit falling off it & the demonic maggot beasts below, i agree about their color, it's a nice contrast to the rest of the image. Good stuff man.

zeke said...

Yep, this is fantastic, awesome work.
It goes beyond it's means of production if that makes any sense, in that I don't see it and think oh it's a digital image, just enjoy it as a good picture.

Sagäuin said...

That’s right it’s very picturesque. I love it.

MD Encolpius said...

that's a really cool image. even though it's a re-intrepretation of an old theme- it is a good one.

Anonymous said...