Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thawing Out

These are a few I've done over the past few months. I like them, but in my mind they have a sort of depressive quality that contrasts with my more meticulous approach. They were drawn in the dark, harsh winter on Minnesota, a decidedly depressing experience. I started a drawing zine called TOMB over the winter ( not done yet!) if that gives you a clue. It's a schism that makes life interesting right now in terms of drawing; I feel pretty out of control while drawing these types of drawings. I don't plan them at all. Maybe light pencil here and there. Sometimes I really like that feeling, but at the same time I really like the feeling of drawing in a more meticulous way, where you feel as though you're carefully crafting. You can pick up where you left off and grow it and build it. It feels like an affirmation of self and life in general, in a way, while these feel like a kind of desperate, fleeting moment in ink, or an acknowledgment of feelings of futility ( but in a good way.).
Not sure if I buy into any kind of astrology or anything, but my innate desire to balance things out is reflected in the concept of the LIBRA. There is always something that needs to be rectified . And right now, as I try to figure out what images to submit to interested editors and other people for various projects, it's the fight between control/craft and raw/emotion.


Anonymous said...

I love the last one, just the right mix of abstraction and representation.
Feels like you're willing to take a risk with these images and not go for the easy 'crowd pleaser' option.


I like dat last one with the eye, which looks like the eye from the Technodrome or one of those top of the computer sex cams. Also, dig the doors with things behind them. Adds to the whole mysteray.

Aeron said...

I always dig the open ended cartoon dream abstracted visual style of your pics. I would love to see you either buy or make a few big stretched canvases and paint the fuck out of them.


Also, i don't let on about it, but i'm pretty way into totally flaky new age bollocks, but because i don't talk about it, & make up my own ideas, it's okay. Anyhow, i hear you on the Libra balance thing, there's alot to be said about emulating or driving home your cosmic archetype shite. It's kind of like a track & you can choose to be on it or off it, but once you get on it, you can go pretty damn fast & stop running into mountains & coyotes & indians. I'm a Gemini Fire Dragon, so i do best when i'm gragarious, personable, outrageous, schizophrenic & optimistic.