Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paper Kills Trees cover experiment

paper kills trees cover experiment
This is a possible cover for a new art magazine called "Paper Kills Trees". I'm not sure about it yet... i did some stuff that's experimental (for me) with the color & non-black lines & stuff. I felt like i was hallucinating & in another dimension while i was working on it late last night, listening to the commentary on Jesus Christ Superstar.


Aeron said...

There's a really cool disorienting effect that the green and pink color fields cause. It's almost like the image is supposed to be a different color but your eyes are playing a trick on you to see the green and pinks instead.

zeke said...

Fuckin' love it, really cranks this style up a notch.
It's hard to know what to say,the theory behind it, the stuff you do for kids, the way it reminds me of 80's UK crisp packets! all adds up to something real fine and tasty.
It's a real joy to see something that blasts through the jaded boredom I feel about so much stuff these days.
On a technical note, love the contrast between the black line work and the background without the line. Perhaps the skeleton dude's robe could be a different colour to stand out more?


Thanks dudes. Aeron, yeah, the color effect is way more intense in person. I swear, my head was flipping while working on this. Zeke, THANKS! It's definitely the cosmic crisp packet connection going. I've decided to start working more with positive & negative space, i have tended to ignore it in the past, but it's really fun to mess with in more designy pieces.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

brilliant always from you, sean.

Sagäuin said...

I’m looking forwards to seeing this zine.