Sunday, February 01, 2009


new stickers

I made a bunch of new stickers. Even though i feel like this town generally doesn't deserve them, i do it for the kids.


Aeron pushes for us to share this kind of stuff so here we are. This is my work space. I've worked out of sling-bags since i was like 11 or so, when my folks got a divorce & i didn't really have permanent space anymore. So, i'd pack whatever i'm working on into my bag, which would always be crazy heavy with weird books & comics sketch books & pens & spread out on whatever floor i happened to be located at. The habit stuck, i don't like desks. I'll get another picture of my current bag with its "Oakland Police" patch on it.

Flair Fi Fo Fum

One of the things i've started passively collecting is old markers. By passive i mean i don't like to spend more than a dollar on whatever they happen to be & i don't order anything from anywhere, i have to stumble on it. Anyhow, these are righteous but i only got the bag, not the markers! Very cool though.


Dave said...


Gaspard Pitiot said...

“I do it for the kids” should be your slogan!!!

mostyn said...

very nice. Can we also get stickers. I mean I dont think many of us totally count as adults do you?

Aeron said...

What lucky kids, those stickers are awesome!

Uland said...

Mega-City is the only cool enough city..

SEAN said...

Thanks dudes! These stickers are ALL stuck now. So, no stickers for anyone, but i imagine i'll be getting some printed up in the more professional style in the near future. I'm trying to figure out who's the tightest in that dimension. Luke, Mega-City IS the only cool enough city. I gotta agree. I almost had to beat down a sheriff for dissing Judge Dredd the other day. I couldn't believe it.