Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, i'm working on a new project called UZI REPTOID. As a Gemini, i unlock new personalities & directions every so often, & while i used to try & shun the past & change who i am, i now catalog all incarnations & let them all exist simultaneously. It seems totally bonkers, but it's way healthier than trying to deny who i am & try to Stalinistically try & erase history. So anyhow, the UZI REPTOID is going to be exploring more abstract & psychedelic worlds, while Mr. Sean will continue his more kid oriented trash monster art, Sean Goblin is off lamenting that he can't drink until passing out anymore & a couple other personalities are waiting in the wings.

uzi reptoid animated gif


Paleo said...

Ha Ha, UZI REPTOID and i were huffing formol outta southafrican Jibaro heads, you know, the trashy tourist kind, and were going like Ha! that Sean Goblin, come out and drink motherfucker!


Aeron said...

That's a great way to stand outside yourself to come up with a different creative approach. Shoot that Uzi Reptoid!!!

Sagäuin said...
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Sagäuin said...

Sean, your new attitude made you write the wisest schizophrenic statement against made up identity. Yes we are multiple. The animated image is powerful.