Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Uzi Weighs a Ton

Uzi Reptoid Comic beginning (early)

Uzi Reptoid Power Armor (early)

In addition, i've been watching some old He-Man cartoons & really loving their awesome animation cycles. Great movement & great energy from them. It's definitely a factory of cartoons with not a lot of creative animation, but the whole Filmation style is amazingly put together. As a reader of John K's blog, he's always ragging on the Filmation & Hanna Barbara models of animation, which is understandable, because he has a very clear way he wants to put together cartoons & is a bossy sonofabitch who needs to run his own studio, but at the same time, there's something really amazing & insane about the sheer volume of cartoons that these guys put out, & if you're talking about entertainment dollar, both studios did it right. It's something i plan on emulating in the future. Plus, who else has put out various sci-fi barbarian cartoons? Hmmmm?




Flash Gordon

Thundarr the Barbarian (Hannah Barbara)


Joseph Luster said...

Damn, that comic page is badass.

Mostyn said...

that comic must come out for us to read! HOLY CRAPO!

zeke said...

It feels weird when I see this style of yours Sean 'cause it REALLY reminds me of the artwork that used to be on these bags of crisps I used to eat as a kid.
Think they were pickled onion monster munch type things, I've actually tried to do an innernet search for the things to show you but no luck so far. I thought they were called 'Space Raiders' but they had different graphics when I looked, what was the mystery corn snack?!!!
Anyhow, dynamite strip, love the colours.


ZEKE, WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! I just learned about Space Raiders crisps the other day & was looking them up on the internet, having only recently learned about all the crazy way that crisps were marketed to kids in the UK. You were saying that there's some other 80s 2000AD comics that are in this chunkier style also that you were reminded of. I'd love to see what this looks like. For me, it's kind of combining Gary Panter with Jack Kirby & my own style, using crap markers. Thanks Chris & Joey, i think i'll knock out some more of this comic, i think i did it early last year.


Whoop, to continue, i'm pretty sure i have a very similar input of styles as alot of English comic artists from when i was a kid which have combined to constantly remind you of English comic artists. I wanna get in on doing crisps packets now!


Is it this packet?

zeke said...

Ha ha! That's it!!!!!!!! that's put a shit eating grin on my face fer sure!
That artwork could possibly be by Brett Ewins who drew for 2000AD, it does resemble his style.
I've asked you this before but did you ever read the 2000AD strip 'Bad Company'? if not, to hell with the postage costs I'm gonna send you a battered best of 2000AD mag that features it as soon as I find the darn thing in the comic book mountain I have here.

Sagäuin said...

Reminds me of Julien Rictus.Cool.

Aeron said...

I love the machine style you have going here. The awesome thing about some of the old 80's fantasy cartoons was the mix of futuristic war machines with ancient crazy dragon lightning bolt shooting magical lunacy.

I actually downloaded a lot of dvd rips of old He-Man cartoons from demonoid a few years back with the intention of taking screenshots of the crazier monsters to post on Monster Brains, still need to get around to that!

And that Space Raiders stuff is really awesome. You lucky bastards in the UK, we never got anything like that in the States, to my knowledge anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to hear that you didn't have things like the Space Raiders packet in the USA, thought it was the home of that stuff over there!


Our chips (crisps) have always had relatively conservative packaging except for the Rap Snacks, which only people on the East Coast know about. I think there's something about marketing junk food directly towards kids in our legal system, although this doesn't explain alot of the candy. The culture is still very protestant & anti-image, despite the secret thread of crazy trash culture. Aeron, i'd love to see your selected MOTU monsters!

Sagäuin said...

The comics page is very good.