Thursday, October 04, 2007

In The Lovecraft Land

More of my Lovecraft picture. I'm working on another triptych right now, a painting inspired by the title of my art blog "The Mutated Skeleton Cave" for the Mutation Nation show in LA going on later this month. I'll post pics from it sometime next week.


SEAN said...

Wow! This thing is looking great Aeron. Really bizarre.

Paleo said...

Oh my god... is like proof that early alchemists were the ones that invented photography

Aeron said...

Thanks guys, and David, that is a completely insane and awesome interpretation of this image! It actually sent me off into this weird brainstorm for my Moth storybook. I'm thinking about some kind of weird technology that the antagonist, the magicians, use that resembles giant glass plates and antique cameras that capture vitctims and keep them inside the glass plates as flattened images, kinda like Zod and the gang in Superman 2. I'm thinking of some giant prison that resembles a gallery of moving photographs which are actually flattened prisoners. Gotta use that..thanks for the inspiration.