Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here's an interview with Jim Groman who is working on the new line.

And here's an official Madball blog called Madballs Central!

Click here to see an awesome sticker sheet of Madballs that is supposed to be on sale at Target?

Anyway... MADBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matthew Allison said...

Ever see Rude Ralph? He's like a giant Madball and when you pull out his eye he yells at you. Fun stuff.

Joseph Luster said...

Madballs are BACK!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I remember Rude Ralph, found a pic of em - http://www.x-entertainment.com/halloween/2006/rude/1.jpg

How bout Manglor? http://www.toysyouhad.com/Manglors.htm

I remember how kick ass it was that they made a Halloween style Boglin


And I forgot all about this, they had a species tag that explained their background, diet, etc, freakin awesome.


- aeron

Matthew Allison said...

Manglor was the best...until some d**khole tore mine into about 50 pieces.