Sunday, April 12, 2009

new ink " Trident "

This ink was inspired by a Satyricon song, among other things. The "Trident" symbol has shown up in a variety of things; in the Gundam series- the sign of the Duchy Zeon, in Thorgal comics- the emblem of the god Ogotai, and associated with Neptune. Interestingly, in the movie Event Horizon the demon ship is found in Neptune's orbit. Trident is definitely not the symbol of happiness.


Aeron said...

Great designwork, you might try something like this again sometime but bend the structures forward or backward with shadows possibly reflecting off of some of the patterns to emphasize more of a vast architectural structure. Something else to think about is the negative space surrounding the figures, those straight lines down could be a good place to experiment with some weird bits of costume bending out to make that shape more dynamic.

I admire your ability to maintain a cohesive style and vision across all of these inkworks.

SEAN said...

This is tight. I'd love to see you interpret the entire chess board, the geometric forms & standard shapes would really suit your style.