Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Book of Struxus



crippaXXXalmqvist said...

wow!, this looks veeery interesting in my eyes! i presume it is a zine, but also not just done by you alone...or?

Human Mollusk said...

Woah, impressive!
I hereby declare you the official EBD token avant-gardist!

Unknown said...

Cripa: Some pages were done by my friend Sigmund Kopperud, who came to visit me in Napoli and is one of the nicest and endearingly neuro-diverse person I know. We went to visit Pompei and did some jam comics. He drew those weird mind flayer comics and sketches, and will contribute some more pages for Carbon Marrow #3

Fufu, I'm not trying to be avant-garde, I just have no idea how to plan out a story! I may change some pages if they get too unreadable.

Unknown said...

great stuff, colors are wild man

Gaspard Pitiot said...

So you're Italian?

Unknown said...

No, Malaysian currently staying in Napoli.

Blogger said...

Ya, "manosturbo" is just a Malaysian mutt named Tan Raymond, AKA "Dave Industry Comics" of Comics Journal message board semi-fame.

You really let me down on that whole "Ed Gauthier Part 2" thing, Tan baby - what a piece of junk! What the heck happened to all the cool shocking "porn" stuff you bragged you were gonna put in Carbon Marrow, kid?

You left off in the church at the end of Part 1, and then... nothing but a few enigmatic David Lynch hints for Part 2?

Whatta waste of time! (Certainly no waste of money, of course, since I read it all for free.) You seem to have the attention span of a friggin' flea!

Either get it together, or get outta the weather!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed! I thought you were dead: