Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"It is possible to have the whole story of Oedipus playing in your head and still behave properly at the table." (Luis Buñuel)

GREETINGS, obscure art lovers,

I am proud to present the first issue of EXCESSIVE VOYEURISM - wicked art zine.
There are no strong zine releasing traditions in Lithuania so I decided to go for a change and to make a vigorous stir in Lithuanian underground art culture.The idea of self-published zine with bizarre artworks was born in summer 2011. The story of choosing the title for it...One of the references is Laura Mulvey's essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" (written in 1973 and published in 1975), I thought that ideas suggested there also fits for visual art that has its own meaning/plot/story and adequate images, with ability to provide „visual pleasure through scopophilia“. As you will turn the pages you will see, that despite of differences between each artistic expression, there are something uniting them. It might be distinguished for sympathies to illustrative art & comics, traditional graphic prints and engravings, outsider/punk related art, hand drawings, collages, even some forms of performance art, also interests in philosophy, graphic violence, human body, nudity, (auto)eroticism, taboo, obsession, aggression, degeneration, horror, grotesque, demented visions and delusional experiences...

wicked art zine published by Shaltmira. design & photos by Kristina Alijošiūtė.
500 copies, A5, black&white, 80 pages. Artworks, interviews, short stories.

Contributors: Aleksandra Waliszewska (Poland), Martin Bladh (Sweden), Marcel Ruijters (Holland), Kristina Gentvainytė (Lithuania/Belgium), Alkbazz(France), Simon Andersson(Sweden), Manuel Pereira (Portugal), Wiley Trieff (USA), ZIGENDEMONIC (Ukraine), Si Clark (UK), Crippa Almqvist (Sweden) & Zeke S.Clough, Gaspard Pitiot (France), Vctor Dvnkel (Portugal), Arturas Rozkovas (Lithuania/UK). Also, here you will find my artworks and a short fiction story written by Aeron Alfrey (USA).

get your copy / also trade available : shaltmira@gmail.com
22,22 lt / 6,66 € ( + 3
€ fee if sending registered letter)


alkbazz said...

Congrats Eglé! It look really nice, I'm glad & proud to be there!

let me know for zine exchange, I'm awaiting to send your copy/ies

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

yeah, congrats from me aswell, eglé!
i'm lookin' forward to read it after i'm back from lyon alright!
yay, R'n'R!

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Wow ! I look forwards to seeing it !

Eglė Shaltmira said...

thanks to all, who supported and participated in this, I'll send your copies in few days, just yesterday came back from Holland, need a day or two to adapt to reality, lots of things waiting to be done. I'll email each of you soon! :>