Sunday, March 04, 2012


This is the front and back cover plus page 1 of the book "Schwarz Metall Wald"(=Black Metal Forest), that i'm silkscreen printing together with Guillaume Soulatges in Lyon, France right now.
Btw, it's also the first finished comic of "S/M chic(k)".
Hmm, should i post the rest of the pages here aswell..any interest in that?


Gaspard Pitiot said...

Wow that looks good ! I remember you showing me the way Guillaume continued your image when we met in Amsterdam two years ago. Actually, I live in Grenoble which is not that far from Lyon. But I will not be available Wednesday and I have no place to crash in Lyon. So maybe I could see you on Thursday afternoon ? Yea it could be great to see the other panels.

alkbazz said...

Good mix! I would like to come also but it's not possible for me. And i'm not invited at Grand salon, so...

Will it be available ? for sale or swap
Would like to see all stuff at least, yes =)