Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unreadable stuff?

Hey there

I haven't got a pen or whatever since few weeks, and my scrapboard stock is short, then I'm trying to do somekind of comic with brush and rough style. I really don't know if it's really bad or not. I like scraperboard cause I can do something fast, detailed & kind of clear. With the brush the surface is quickly full, details are disappearing, so the story i'm telling is also really different. But I think, ok let's do that to the end to see what's comes out


Human Mollusk said...

Heartwarmingly sick, and nice textures!

Zeke said...

Would like to read more of this, really dig it!

Marcel Herms said...

A promising start!

alkbazz said...

Thanx men, this encourage me to continue! I'm working on third page, i'll post again when i'll have 2 new pages