Saturday, January 05, 2013

Edward Leedskalnin

A portrait of this fascinating fellow, from my current sketchbook pages.

There is a good Wikipedia page about him. By magic or clever engineering, this scrawny eccentric recluse single-handedly erected his own private Stonehenge. Peeking neighbours claimed that he could make the monoliths float into the air by singing to them. One wonders what that song might have been, as Leedskalnin took his secrets with him into the grave. How frustrating.


alkbazz said...

i never heard about him before!
but s usual nice drawing Marcel =)

Marcel Ruijters said...

He's not that well-known, even in pseudo-science circles.
Maybe I should do a series of these guys. Victor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla... I am going to dig up an oldie of Wilhelm Reich.