Sunday, March 03, 2013

anneliese michel


here's anneliese michel, done with pincel after bad xerox
i'm doing that for an upcoming CD we'll do with 3patttes label owner Planetaldol (darkambientnoise)
well actually this drawing's a part of a print, not fixed yet
ah & it's done during Serpent Saints LP from Entombed

I'm still fascinated by these characters, evil but kind of funny, having in mind these XXth c pictures I can imagine impact on peoples in the middle ages


Tony Burhouse said...

Nice. The level of realism on this creates a really uncanny vibe, definitely possessed by something!

Marcel Ruijters said...

The recordings of Anneliese's exorcism still have their impact, I would say...

There is an intriguing effect at work here that you might want to explore more. Not sure if you got the most out of it already. Hard to say.

alkbazz said...

that's right. well, this one was just supposed to be a quick reproduction, but instead of this i use more stylistic brush stike, so i found this "intriguing effect" during process. Now i need to try again knowing that. But i've no idea of who i could draw, something like weird xxth c people's pictures, don't know, i'm usually bad at following a series process!

this one work better on small size i think

Unknown said...

Yeah, I like the technique. Scary!