Friday, June 14, 2013


60 pages, A4, B&W, Pictures & Comics
Cover : Zeke Clough
Cover screenprinted at the Cotoreich workshop
Artists : Adrien Fregosi, Anne Van Der Linden, Alexandra Waliszewska, Gaspard Pitiot, Ludovic Levasseur, Yann Tréhin, David Paleo, Mathieu Desjardin, mo xia, Shaltmira, Alkbazz, Riton la mort, Eric Demelis, Søren Glosimodt Mosdal, Jacob Ørsted, Boris Hurtel, Pillippe Dardelet, Jerry Scoundrel, Paul Loubet, Jerry Scoundrel, François de Jonge, Pierre Bolide, Ronchon, Zeke Clough & CrippaXXXAlmqvist, Saulo Tiago from Brazil, Sisca Locca, Kapreles, Luis Drayton, Audrey La Delfa, Tony BurhousΣ, Damien Chelaouchi, 4ndr345 M4RCH4L, Noémie Barsolle, Nuvish, Guimow alias Grenouille.

10 euro+postage

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crippaXXXalmqvist said...

hell yezzz!, finally! 'n a really rawkin' cover by zeke there! 'n a good printing-job made by you gaspard & adrien aswell! i'm lookin' veeery much forward getting my copy of this in my mailbox hopefully more sooner than later. yay!

alkbazz said...

kick ass!

Human Mollusk said...

Looks great Zeke!

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

i've got it!..'n yup!, it sure is a mighty fine zine indeed. 'n you did the right thing when it comes to how you layouted the veget-aryan nazi zombie-strip, gaspard!