Saturday, August 03, 2013

Some new stuff

 I didn't have a scanner for a while and I mostly done this stuff earlier in the year and despite having enough time to do a book worth of drawings, I never taken advantage seriously enough as I thought I would. I wonder if there is any point in commenting on these, I could easily say "sometimes shit happens, sometimes it turns out better". But since I rarely have anything new, I'll say some things.

 I really screwed this one up. I tried coloring with pencils plus brush washing but it damaged the linework on the face and I tried to darken the facial lines again but it really taken away the delicate touch I was proud of. You can also see the rendering toward the bottom of the image gets progressively lazier. But I still liked it well enough.
 I really want to be good at ink+color because it will be essential for some ideas I need to execute in the future. It really knocks me on my ass when I realise how far away I am from being good enough to get things even half way the way I want them. I just imagine all these things and think "yeah, it'll be great" but then when I get to it, I'm amazed at how I'm not nearly as capable as I thought I was.
 All the more reason to be more relentless in my drawing and painting. I'm sure hundreds of people have ideas that look great in their heads, but getting it done is what counts. I recently read some guy say something that slightly chilled me, he said that countless promising artists just get lost in their thought processes and never achieve even a small amount of what they could have. It is pretty horrible to think how many really great artists probably never stepped up to the challenge.

 Early this year I posted a small face and that was an earlier attempt at this image. I want to make other versions of this idea because the idea hit me really hard and although I fear repeating myself too much, I've really came around to the notion that some ideas need several versions to really breathe fully.
 I need a black background paper for my cut out images; as you can see, I used a leathery looking book cover. For my older scanner I just left the lid open and I would get a black background because it wasn't powerful enough to see to the ceiling.
EDIT: I fixed the mid-tones of the images, they were way too light the first time I posted them.


Marcel Ruijters said...

I love all of these. Keep it up.

And don't worry so much! Hey, one could always claim that the picture in mind was so much better than the actual result, but who is to say? To make a comparison: sometimes we wake up with the impression that we have been dreaming for hours, while brain scans prove that we dream only for a short while. We also embellish our memories constantly.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...


I know. I was really neurotic about this stuff years ago and I have learned to embrace the idea that the original flash of inspiration is not totally sacred. That I can make something different and even better than the first idea (which is always incredibly vague).

But I think not being even nearly able to do an image properly is a different thing.

alkbazz said...

good ones =) i also made my deal with the idea of rendering mindvision, i always start a drawing with nice vision which become something else, a part because of not-thinking-enough, or because of bad choice of instrument/technic, & probably also because of bad concentration... so now i mostly concentrate myself on the drawing itself, trying to make something good by forgiving these visions

Paleo said...

Lovely drawings Robert, and remember, art is the only area of human experience where there's NO RULES!!!

Start with a vision, continue with a joke and finish with a touch of finely depicted lust.

Finished drawings are always superior to invisible visions.