Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sea-sick, Syphilitic Sailors, Slippery Sluts And Other Sumptuous Snippets

Dear avid reader of Eaten By Ducks,

I know, from all the fan-mail that we have been recieving, amounting to mountains of petabyte that are now blocking the Google-servers, that you have been incessantly asking for some news from the art-world, namely, most acutely, the art world of Marcus Nyblom and his cronies.

Ages have passed -the middle ages, the industrial revolution, the plastic age, the invention of the modern kitchen as we know it- since any blogpost of significance was passed through the needles' eye of careful censorship that constitutes the impeccable and inscrutable agency of this most profound institution of digital art-enquiries. Therefore, I am most obliged to bring forward to you a few morsels of petty importance, only designed to entice you into spending your well-earned, meagre wages on useless art-works, foremost pertaining to filthy subject-matters.

Mr. Marcus Nyblom has visited the illustrious, legendary, downtrodden ruins of the port-town of Marseille, France, located by the blistering blue barnacled sea, infested with sea-sick, syphilitic sailors and slippery sluts smothering in the heavy smoldering gauloise-cigarette odor that permeates every dirty, smelly café, etc. etc. Well, that's just part of it. The rest is, of course, filled with pastis, heavy rock of some incarnation or other, and last but not least, the world's most notoriously fantastic art-publisher/studio of the last twenty years: Le Dernier Cri. In fact, 2013 is. no less, the anniversary of the founding of Le Dernier Cri!

Urged by this excellently decadent company to join them for an exhibition of Scandinavian artist this November, 2013, (our show titled "Les Horreurs Boreales") as part of the Marseille Cultural Capital 2013-thingee, "The Mauvais Oeil" (Evil Eye), consists of 12 different shows through the whole year.

With this exhibition, Mr. Nyblom had the opportunity to print for the LDC a silk-screen hand-made poster in three colors. You will find it and buy it for €25 only, by navigating to the webshop at Le Dernier Cri, then clicking the "poster"-button. Simple and uncomplicated, powered by Paypal. LDC ships all over the world.

Thank you and au revoir!

Dead Port sick-screen poster slave-made by hand at Le Dernier Cri 2013 Marcus Nyblom
Behind the mask and poster the slave at LDC is posing. Every time a new poster is hand-made, he has to be shot.  Many art-slaves have perished at LDC this way. Therefore, we ask you to contribute to our cause by donating as much as you can to the Community of Perished Art-Slaves, CPAS. This community has been fighting for years to uphold the rights of art-slaves, and have now gathered a substantial support from the EBD and other important agents. Please donate to this organisation by way of pressing the "Paypal"-button found beside the image of this poster at the site of Le Dernier Cri. Consider this, and be richly rewarded. It is only a small fee of €25. You will thereafter become a lifetime member of the Artistic Appreciation Community, AAC. As a token of our appreciation and gratitude, the poster on the image will be sent to you.


Human Mollusk said...

Great poster!
...and I might add that the post was a really fun read, too!

M Nyblom said...

Thank you and thank you, Mr. Human Mollusk!

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

en riktigt jävla schysst poster du snickrat ihop där, marcus!

M Nyblom said...

Tack Crippa!

Gaspard Pitiot said...


alkbazz said...

ah, nice! fun reading, i'm so ashamed that i didn't joined this event :/ We live only 90minutes from there but it's sometimes like thousands parsecs... i'll try to catch slaves at night to steal thier posters!

M Nyblom said...

Well, I hope to see you next time alkbazz, i'll try to go to Marseille in the spring if things go well!

alkbazz said...

good to read! i'll look forward for your coming!