Thursday, June 12, 2014

INSIDE artzine #17 - International Artscum Magazine

For your information. I have nothing to do with it (at least not with this issue) but I think some of you might be interested.
INSIDE artzine #17 - International Artscum Magazine

Paintings, Digital Collages, Sculptures, Photos, Stories, Reviews.
This time with scum from Europe, USA, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, Indonesia, Outer Space.
Paper-Magazine, Format: A4, Pages: 48, Language: English

Karl-Johan Utte Thole (Sweden) · Bahrull Marta (Indonesia) · Stéphane Roy (France) · Yukaman (Japan) · Jenz Dieckmann (Germany)
Viron v2.0 (Italy) · autoreversegraphikart (France) · Marcelo Vasco (Brazil) · Richard Kirk (USA) · Joseph D. Myers (USA) · Shichigoro Shingo (Japan) · Urs Böke (Germany) · Ezo Renier (Russia) · Ricardo Sleiman (United Kingdom) · Sven-André Dreyer (Germany) · Michael Hutter (Germany) · Marcin Owczarek (Poland) · Patrick Amarillas (USA) · Saskia Prüss (Germany) · Matt Lombard (USA) · Olexa Mann (Ukraine) · Leon Wong (Taiwan) · Kai Kraus (Germany) · Victor Slepushkin (Russia) · Seth Siro Anton (Greece) · Patrice Hubert (France), "Don't mess around with Satan" - Gonzo-Interview with Marcelo Vasco, "Art After Death" - Report Part 2, Reviews & Revolution, Links & Lies.



alkbazz said...

looks good!

Marcel Herms said...

It is!
A very professional publication.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Nice that Jenz is still at it.