Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Crack! festival Roma 2014

Hey kidz

Back home after Crack! fest is always same feeling like you have to go again, this is just a break inbetween two edition... Travelling across Italia in vertical way, looking at sunshine on the beach in Carrara (where they just catch out the Whitehouse from the mountain), and being there with hundreds of peoples sharing art passion & lifestyle is much more than great, much more than just selling books behind a table!
This year we met Shaltmira (herself!) and Arturas, which I'm really glad of, and many peoples from south america, Canada and Malaysia, besides friends we already know but only see on that kind of event.
I probably did less than usual by participating in various collective projects, we were only two so it was more difficult to keep an eye on our own workshop while visiting & enjoying... I even miss all gigs

Well, here's some pictures plus some samples from our linocut workshop

 crossing the alps is like crossing fukkin paradise, there are some unfeared monsters like this one :
 Roma under lightning!

 Our workshop before having a decent table
 Shaltmira gang
 Victor Dunkel
 Andy Leuenberger

 Dunkel on cutting
 Laura Holdein



Marcel Ruijters said...

Once again, i missed out on the fun.
Cheers Romu!

Eglė Shaltmira said...


Gaspard Pitiot said...


crippaXXXalmqvist said...

Next year i do my best to be there as well. And fun to see you've met Andy Leuenberger!

alkbazz said...

I can't say enough good about that fest!

Crippa, Andy is nice guy and great cartoonist!

Also one guy told me about you (italians in berlin), "the guy who's working in a cemetary..." eheh

Eglė Shaltmira said...

it was me, a girl , Romu.

alkbazz said...

nop, wasn't you miss - i know & you know we know who is he ! it was like everyone looking at our books was "hey you know that guy..."

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

Yup!, Andy sure is a nice guy AND a great cartoonist. Hmm, but I do wonder who all those "italians in berlin" are supposed to be..?

Paleo said...

Amazing, all the engravings are beautiful and who the hell did that cardboard igloo next to the blue trash can? That's brilliant!