Monday, August 11, 2014

FuFu News

Hey everyone, sorry for the long absense.
Stuff has happened in the meantime, locations have changed, drawings have been drawn.

As some of you know I've moved to Portland, Oregon with my family a few months ago, which means I share one territory with Sean now... although, the place has been so thouroughly overtaken by him and his PORKfaced goblin hordes, raping and pillaging everywhere, I mostly stay safely hidden in my basement apartment, scribbling away on various projects, only daring to leave home during dusk and dawn.
As usual, I've been doing the odd RPG illustrations here and there, some in black and white...

illustrations for "The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence", by Venger Satanis

... others in color:

illustrations for "Splittermond", by Uhrwerk Verlag

Last but not least, I've just finished drawing a short comic which will soon appear in the second issue of Captain Berlin, written by Jörg Buttgereit.

Here are two sample pages:

Well, that's it for now. I'll try not to take so long until my next post.


Marcel Ruijters said...

Great posting, FuFu! I particularly like the old wizard for some reason.
May you fare well in the US of A.

FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Thanks Marcel!

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Good to see your stuff again

Paleo said...

The color stuff are showstoppers, so moody and rich, and the comic pages are top notch as always! now i may only wish you & your family to successfully Annefrank'd the hell out of that basement for whatever remains of merciless Sean A. rule of Portland.

alkbazz said...

just WOW ! coloring is something i'm experimenting actually for illustration, these are teachers!

FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Thanks guys! David, I was pondering starting a resistance movement but I reckon it would be futile.