Friday, October 31, 2014

Pánico en el parque


FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Not sure what you're trying to do with the coloring here, but as usual, the cartooning is impeccable!
Always so good to see your work, David.

Paleo said...

Thanks Fufu!

I was going for a kind of "Slow-witted Primitive Photoshop" look,i love it, but i still haven't heard one positive thing about it!

Sometimes, even when you're screaming atop an Everest like mountain of your enemies bloodied skulls,you have to concede defeat.

FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Ah okay I see what you mean, sorry I din't get it. In a way I think the coloring might still be too good to be obviously deliberatly bad.