Friday, December 19, 2014

Albin Brunovsky paintings

In 2009 I posted several Brunovsky images in among a lot of other blathering . Since then his art has spread around the internet much much more and I'd like to think I made some contribution to that. But next to none of his painting was online and you'd think maybe that was because his painting was inferior but it obviously isn't.
 In the time since I bought Complete Graphic Work he's become one of my main guiding lights, I can't think of anyone I rate higher, it's an astonishing book with hundreds of images. It's expensive but it's not even vaguely close to a rip off, it's absolutely packed.
 I hoped a book of his painting would come out someday and I just became aware earlier this year of such a book. In the introduction it says it simply wasn't possible to be as completist with the paintings as they were with the graphic work but there's still so much there, many of the paintings are amazing variations of the graphic works but there's quite a bunch of complete originals too.
Buy both Painting Work and Complete Graphic Work here.

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