Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cartas, x Muriel Bellini


Gaspard Pitiot said...


Marcel Ruijters said...

Welcome! What technique is this?

Anonymous said...

welcome aboard Muriel =)


FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Welcome on EBD! Interesting textures - inverted black on white? Scrapeboard?

Paleo said...

Muriel and i run a pretend biker gang here in Buenos Aires, we go around covered in silvery leather and razors, making "Brooom" "Brooom" noises while holding our fists parallel in the air, then we hit old people and nerds with bycicle chains and extort money from small business owners at knife point.

Her drawings are great.

Muriel Bellini said...

helloo! i work in black paper and white pencil.
i love rotring 0.1 in white paper too
and red rotrings stuff too.
if you whants ee some, all is in

thanks soomuchh FUFU, PALEO, MARCEL, GASPARD!

i draw whit david paleo some days, and create some fanzines here en buenos aires, argentina. i hope do gallery expos around diferent places. best!
give a music link 4u