Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hello Ducks. Long time - no see... I've been going Halloween crazy - first re-committed PORK magazine to establishing a permanent Halloween populated by monsters. I'm quite stoked with this cover. It's an ultimate dungeon party with a hallucinogenic witch's brew. We also got KAZ on board doing comix now which is fucking radical.
Meanwhile I've been launching tons of new Halloween products like this Halloween Haunted House poster. I thought about the crazy feeling I'd get Trick or Treating as a little kid, how disoriented I'd get going door to door, especially if the house was decked out. There were a couple Haunted Houses that were really nightmarish as a kid. One of them had a Vampire in a coffin that would come out & chase Trick or Treaters that got too close. I was also thinking about the first Punk House parties I went to & how I'd get a similar, disoriented, freaked out, but very pleased feeling at them.
Finally, I designed these Halloween Cut-Out Decorations. All this stuff is coming out under the Halloween Island brand from the GOBLINKO MEGAMALL. These are inspired by the old Beistle Halloween Vintage Paper Decorations, but obviously in my WEIRDO ART style.

I'm doing very well, I'm working too hard, but it has payed off. We've got seven paid employees at GOBLINKO now & it's all housed in its own house even! Me & Katie are the lowest paid employees as the owners, but it's cool cos we're doing exactly what we want to do & it's really been taking off.
You can get them all at the GOBLINKO MEGAMALL


Darn I Zhaan said...

Very Impressive. I bet you could make a great EXQUISITE CORPSES book with those cut outs.

alkbazz said...

that's great! congrats for such successful work!

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Nice to see your work here again and I'm glad you've got a job like that.

FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Great news, Sean! The shitty thing about there not being any teleportation devices around yet is every now and again I have to dearly regret not living in Portland anymore. Seeing the photos from your Halloween show on facebook was one such occasion.