Monday, February 22, 2016


Well, that was the first of many, i hope. This one was a low-key, minimalist impression of EBD as it is now. (I'm sorry, those who expected walls profusely hung with our monstrous creations- i don't do the exuberent maximalist Salon thing).  & of course i did not include the photos with the screaming crowds and police shielding us from crazed groupies as i don't want to embarass anyone...

here's some coverage, also of the show that was going on below/behind ours
(an Ikonostasis appropriately being the screen that divides nave from Sanctuary in a church- only it does not divide, it connects) :

First we take Den Haag, then we take Berlin?






Paleo said...

Great job! i love the horizontal display, over the black cloth it actually looks like the blog!

Ibrahim R. Ineke said...

Thank you David!
Like the blog- i hadn't even thought of that...