Thursday, April 07, 2016

Call for next Alkom'X

Hi there

Here's a double call for next Alkom'X issue, n°9 and 10

I don't know yet what's going to happen to n°9...! At some point I started being annoyed by the way it goes... It was like this shitty zine have to enter a specific market where everyone look at you like an enemy, or, if they are artists, like a guy to know on the road for success... And if you don't follow that way you're nothing interesting! Why don't open in Paris, why not being in all good bookshops & cool website, why not this or that???
Well, just because its not on purpose! Alkom'X don't need to be a showcase for emergent graphic world, fresh meat from artschool, but just being a funny way of being alltogether in one by promoting monsters and weirdos! Can we still do something for nothing except the pleasure of it?

So here's n°10 ! That translated into italian "Io" give "I" "ego", like a collectiv work made by all... here is the regular call and regular project everyone expect :)

So, feel free to suggest anything for n°9 but know that this will break the series by anyway, maybe like being a single booklet book or I don't know changing size, printing technic, or just by doing it myself with few guests! But if it has to be as big as others well its gonna be!

Then n°10 is widely open to all and you're all welcome to join the collectiv! Cheers Ducks

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