Thursday, June 16, 2016


I tried to make some logos for various metal related crew, first one is still with no answer after 6 months, second is the first i have been paid for but the crew didn't want it, and next 2 ones were on challenge but largely failed for digital works benefit. So I think I wont attempt anymore. Here's one of the last 2 that i changed a little so its not spefically meant now

Then I also tried to work back on linen, i have not so much left so i first tried with little ones. Usually this is large like 2 meter / 2.5 meter. Here's half or quarter of this, and the blue one is made on 70x100cm paper leave.. Also want to break with tiny lines and work with big tools, fat pincels and roller painter.


Marcel Ruijters said...

The pentagram logo is very odd and original. It will put dirty minds to work, like that kind of thing should. I like it!

alkbazz said...

thank you Marcel =)