Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lady Coyota Rebis

Hi there!
long time not posting! must say i was in a combination of "whatever" and "who cares?" which is a neverending story with highest pick on internet where communication seems so light that you never know if there's actually someone out the screen!
Well, it took me almost 2 years to get back on doing linocut, and i finally felt on back again!

So did this for Crack festival with thematic "Coyota" who is a feminist symbol for crack fest. Here is Coyota rebis, the alchimistic version of this symbol, where Hermes Coyota and Aphrodite Coyota are melted together. This was following another linocut i made for a hand fan with alchimy on thema, so that was the mood of the moment!