Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arctic-Calendar v3, #1 LP

I've been doing these one-pagers lately. I tend to do them pretty quickly ( I can't hack it doing comics any other way. It's so difficult to maintain that excitement you get at the conception point throughout a long, laborious process..) .
I'm not sure if I even like them. I tend to crap out stuff like this when I'm sick of the more phantastical drawings I usually do.
Here is one:

-the full page loaded too small in photobucket.

here it is broken-up.
-click to enlarge.

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Aeron said...

It's not a bad idea to have a lot of single page comics that aren't directly related to each other. You might also think of doing something like that for the phantastic material.

And I've had that problem with photobucket resizing images, I'm not sure why it does it as the size limit is something around a megabyte? I usually drop the resolution down a bit to retain a larger size on some images.

Unknown said...

Very cool, Luke. I really dig your mixture of styles that is in fact a style in its self. And I sometimes get that "fog", too.
Have you tried photoshop's "save for web" function? Might help you to get file sizes down.

zeke said...

I enjoyed working out what may be going on here, very intriguing!