Thursday, February 08, 2007

colour dumpusst

Here's the colour version, again inspired by Gary Panter's lightshow flyers.


Noah Berlatsky said...

That's really gorgeous. I especially like the first panel, which seems closest to me to almost-but-not-quite being representational (which is the kind of abstract art I enjoy most, I think.)

Luke P. said...

yes, I like it.
Went to visit my brother the other day. He's doing this thing with the paper that he draws on that's pretty cool. He treats it by dropping different food-coloring solutions on it ( really watered down, course) and then he tapes it up to a window that gets a lot of light.
The sunlight ( which is scarce round these parts currently)
kind of tints the paper in a cool way.
tends to get sorta brittle though.

SEAN said...

Very interesting! I like how it loosens up the whole deal. It reminds me of these photos i took of an abandoned theatre i used to live next to. Check it out.