Sunday, May 25, 2008

EBD zine

I started a strip for Sean's EBD zine today, here's the first page in a sickly coloured version. The title of the strip's gonna go on the front of the desk.


Aeron said...

Can't wait to see the weird shinnanigans this freakazoid gets into!

Luke P. said...

I'd like to contribute too! What's the page size? Where do I learn about all this?
Cna I still contribute to Voida Voida? Gawd Ima LOSER!!!

SEAN said...

Awesome! Also, gross colors. Love. Luke, i posted a little bit ago about me putting together an Eaten By Ducks Zine. it's gonna be half size, 8"x5" either orientation. Black & White except for color cover, back cover & inside front & back covers. 300 dpi tiff format etc.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps, things seemed to have gone rather quiet on the EBD zine front,so thought I'd post this to try and provoke a bit of action from other duckers!
Luke: AAAGH!(sound of hair tearing) I've been trying to get you to do something for Voida Voida for months as I thought your medaeivel style would have fit beautifully.
I've had to stop accepting stuff now though otherwise we'll never get the darn thing printed.
Do you have anything ready that you could email me this week?

Paleo said...

A Hell Bureocrat! and he looks good!

Goddamn good Artists that make Hell's Bureocrats look really good.