Friday, January 23, 2009


A goblin of the Iron Fist. iron fist

Chapel perilous.
chapel perilous

Post-apocalyptic post modern hunter.

This is my interpretation of this rare children's book the title of which escapes me right now.
these guys


Katie said...

Franzi & Gizi

zeke said...

It freaks me out how similar our drawing styles are sometimes.
Like finding the exact same race of albino cave penguin's evolved on two different islands completely independent of each other.
Guess that's what happens with an overwrought B. Wolverton, Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, R. Crumb etc fixation...
Sure glad I'm not on the receiving end of that metal goblin sucker punch!

Aeron said...

You always make the coolest most bad ass goblins. I remember you were doing that series of them for awhile with some goblins with multiple heads, things like that, how many did you end up making?

Paleo said...

Another great batch, you could put that first Iron Fist-Grizzleguts image on anything; t-shirts, stickers, vynil & CD's record covers, balloons, yo-yo's, tattoos, lunch boxes, lunchs, branding irons & heads of pins and it will always look rad.

Human Mollusk said...

Ace material, Sean!

Mr. Sean said...

Katie, thanks for the reminder. Yah Zeke. I feel very comfortable in your drawings as well. The lines "make sense" to me. Are you left handed as well? I used to have a full fist of biker rings with spikes & shit all over them, this kid was in the pit with me at a Stratford Mercenaries show & he complained that he was getting cut up from my jacket & rings, i was so drunk, i raked him across the chest with my rings while trying to console him over my previous injuring of him. ha ha.
Aeron, i made probably 20 or so goblins & trolls... didn't really get into the project as a whole.
David, he would definitely make a good shirt. & a beer label. at least. Fufu, thanks!