Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's kind of terrifying how much work i do. I just realized that there are hundreds of drawings that i did over the last year that i haven't scanned in! Anyhow, here are some things i've been keeping from you.

Bilbo's meeting with Smaug. I've grown increasingly annoyed with the Peter Jackson/Brothers Hildebrandt interpretation of the Lord of the Rings stuff & decided to take it to the extreme nachos 1988 style of semi-representationism.
smaug and bilbo

Here's an army of Orcs of the Iron Crown leaving Barad Dur.

I was also getting back into more conventional drawing (for me anyhow). Here's my Jabberwocky.

And this is the picture that got my old myspace profile deleted! Tossers.
andy social


Human Mollusk said...

Wicked! I love your take on LOTR!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic selection of imagery, I really enjoy the Ian Miller esque vibe of the Jabberwocky and soldiers scene. Have you done any more of those Dungeons and Dragons like scenes with the dude wielding the, ax or was it a chainsaw? I thought that could be a really awesome series of narrative sequences in your incredible take on fantasy.

- aeron

Anonymous said...

Oh and Sean, it turns out that was my mother's uncle that was the nazi in the old photo I mentioned previously. I've really got to hunt that photo down to share on here sometime.

- aeron

ULAND said...

Awesome. I like the LOTR movies, but yeah, it's sort of unfortunate that those films are basically going to define those books, at least for a very long time- I love the idea of lots of artists interpreting LOTR and yours is pretty boss.80s Nacho is a great description. Like the traditional drawing too.
Swastikas are awesome.

MD Encolpius said...

your're a fine art-making machine Mr Sean...great stuff

Agaühin said...

When I lived in New Zealand I saw the mount doom which they used for the movie. You had problem on my space? A friend of mine (a girl) was said to be chauvinistic on my space because she drew an image with a cunt… Anyway. Good drawings, Sean.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

""""It's kind of terrifying how much work i do.""""

I wish I were like that.

Paleo said...

I will try to describe these pictures in order;
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant & (Oh Boy, Look At Those Colors) brilliant.

Fuck Swastikas Nazis.

zeke said...

If I ever strike it rich I'm gonna mail you a load of dog eared best of 2000AD reprints from back in the day.
You'd gorge on 'em! check out 'Bad Company' if you get chance, something of the chunkiness of the first two pics here really reminds me of that strip though they're very different.