Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Burn Out Blues.

Some fantastic posts here lately, good work chaps!
I'm gonna take a little holiday from EBD.
Since doing the 'Wet Nightmare' show I've been feeling rather burnt out and seem to have a million different jobs that need sorting, including the W.N. aftermath, art jobs and just day to day chores. Also I want to force myself to get some stuff printed rather than just disseminating work online and having it scattered all over the innernet.
A period of reflection's needed to avoid total bloody chaos, but I will return!


Gaspard Pitiot said...

If you don't come back I kill you.

SEAN said...

I hear you Zeke. Seems like a natural cycle of us artistes who have internet presence. Best of luck. Hey, speaking of which, i've been wanting to do more mailing as a way of lightening up all this internet digital chode digits. You said you had a new address? You should email it to me. Actually, we should compile an online database of everyone's mailing addresses in order to send things out & about. Yes. I'll get to it right away. Also, love this picture you've posted as well. Enjoy non-digital reality.

Aeron said...

Good luck, Zeke! Let me know how that Wet Nightmare aftermath plays out. I think the London gallery still had one of my digital prints? And yeah, get goin with that printed stuff, you might look into fold out pages because your imagery really looks good on a large scale.

Uland said...

Mailing lists are a great idea.
Zeke: We'll see you soon, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, I'll defo be posting here again in the future. I'm drawing on a bike frame at the moment so will probably post pics of that at some point.
Sean,a mailing list's cool, I'll get on it, been meaning to post you that beat up copy of 2000AD monthly I have with the 'Bad Company' strip in it for ages.
Aeron, I'll email Kim about the print, may be a good idea for you to email Kim (the gallery owner) your return address too
The fold out pages is a cool idea, the project I've been doing with Crippa and Marc Van Elburg has some larger drawings in it so perhaps we'll get to do fold out bits when we print that up.
Uland, I recall you mentioning that you're unsatisfied with just posting work on the innernet, do you still feel that way?