Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Geheimnis der Teufel

That's awesome that EBD is approaching three years of existence. I remember that piece about "the Young Nihilist" early on actually maybe making me afraid of this blog. My art weirdness goes in fairly conservative directions. There are alot of themes i will not touch... it's not that i don't enjoy these explorations, it's just that i still see myself as a fairly mainstream commercial artist. For some reason. As far as direction of the Duck & its eating habits, i'd love to see some new blood. I'd love to see some more blood. I think this blog is doing fantastically & should keep on going forward. I am not suffering from any existentialist crises.
Geheimnis der Teufel
I'd say i'm having a productive period, but this has lasted me for six or seven years so i'll just say, i'm having alot of fun drawing right now. Just knocked out another 20 page Pipu comic as well. I'll post about that when it's printed.
bird goblin
I'm having a hard time remembering if i sold my soul to the devil while drinking absinthe & popping caffeine & codeine pills. It was an interesting period of time. Here's your photographical reference. I'm the craziest looking one. Anyhow, i'm pretty sure i didn't, because i couldn't convince myself that i actually believed in the devil, but at the same time, i was fucking with some serious shit.

Given that i don't currently have enormous squadrons of jack-booted thugs under my control, i'd say that i didn't sell my soul, because that was what i wanted in exchange. I'm fairly convinced i can still get my own squadrittis while keeping my soul intact anyhow. Just finished this piece for an interesting & timely project as well. All i can think about are the storable food ads on Alex Jones.
Apocalypse Punx Guide To Food Preservation


Aeron said...

Yeah, I've noticed that your work has been blazing lately. Those two characters are really fantastic in the best tradition of Ian Miller type fantasy stuff back through Brueghel and Bosch.

I could see you doing another devil character like this one but with arms open and dozens if not hundreds of those monsterous heads popping out of the cape's underside. Maybe even a devil face in the chest/torso area with horns tangling out of the ribcage? Godddamn it Sean, you've got me wanting to draw some monsters now and I need to focus on the digital!

Gaspard Pitiot said...

You’re amusing Sean, you see yourself a mainstream commercial artist but at the same time you made a post about Varg Vikernes… I know it is related to Vikings fairy tales but I can’t help thinking that there’s also something about an esthetical fascination for political extremists.

Good drawings, especially the first one and the last one.

SEAN said...

Thanks guys. I'm pretty pissed that i only got 2 comments on this post!