Friday, June 26, 2009

Industrial Symphony, In Progress

Here's an early build of a digital piece I'm doing for a David Lynch art show in Georgia next month. This is taken from a scene in Lynch's "Industrial Symphony # 1" in which a giant skinned deer resembling a human on stilts walks near a club footed midget shining a light on it. It is a truly bizarre scene and something I will have fun adapting into an artwork. The final version will be in color, with the deer mostly in bloody reds and sized at 25 x 30 inches.


zeke said...

I'm interested to see how you handle the spotlight here Aeron, it impresses me when people use light well, as I struggle with it.
I think Fufu's use of light's very good and I envy how he uses those solid blacks.
Also great to see your work in all these shows! you should write a book on how to use the innernet to promote your work!

Aeron said...

Thanks Zeke, the light will be created using a variety of filter effects meshed with texture layers that are dropped to various translucent levels and inverted to create lighter glows. Not that that will probably make sense to anyone but me but that's how I've got it plotted out in my head anyway!

I'm considering using a near solid black background in a Caravaggio fashion to hopefully imply an abyss like dream world that the film made me think of.

And yes, Fufu uses lighting to great dramatic effect, always inspiring to see.