Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jason Voorhees

A drawing I did for fun. Me and my friend Greg Houston have decided to each, about once a month or so, do a reinterpretation of a favorite movie maniac/monster. We decided to start things of simple with a black and white drawing of Jason Voorhees. I picked bag-head Jason from Part 2, because I find the idea of a crazed, deformed giant who worships his moms severed head so much creepier than the hockey-masked muscle zombie of the later movies (who I still love though!)

We plan on turning this project into a blog at some point, and are going to start inviting other artists to contribute once it goes up, so keep your eyes peeled, and contact one of us once it's up and running if you'd like to take part!

1 comment:

Strange Kid said...

Great pic, Jimmy! I would definitely be into a blog like that- seeing some of my favorite movie monsters depicted in all their g(l)ory. :)