Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Album I've Been Involved With. Whoopie I Guess.

Its kind of a strange feeling. This is what I was originally going to post. I've told next to no one I know in person, because people freak out over this kind of thing. As anyone here would know, with all the underground publishers specializing in all manner of media, operating out of sight in the dark corners of the internet, it is no big deal whatsoever to have one's pictures included in a publication of some kind. This release being a CD from a one-man band called Serpent Ascending, to be released in September on the I-Voidhanger record label. I simply contributed the artwork for the album. Luciano and his graphic designer, and Jarno, the musician for the band, obviously did most of the work.

Here is the cover. I may show interior shots sooner-or-later, but as of now I've been politely asked not to.

If you're into 80's style death metal you may find something in this band you really dig. The label is still very small, but has already put out some very strong releases. I recommend Urna's and Umbah's releases especially. At this rate, after some growth, they may be able to hold their own some of the larger Avante-Guard/Heavy/Abrasive/Weird music labels out there like Crucial Blast.

Here is the album page, followed by a link to the label itself.

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Aeron said...

Great cover, I would take advantage of this to promote your artwork as a published object to possibly get similar work. I'm sure there are many bands that would appreciate this style.