Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nancy Comic

For Josh Bayer's Two Panel Nancy Anthology. He sent out a pile of Nancy panels to a bunch of artists and asked them to pick two, put one as the first panel of the comic, and one as the last panel of the comic, and then fill in the story in between! A lot of fun to do!!!


Limpey said...

What a brilliant idea for making a comic... the natural evolution of sequential art.
I never hated the pablum of Nancy or Archie as much as I hated "Family Circus" or "Love Is..." Some comic strips from when I was a kid seemed to have transcended their pithy little jokes... and it was always fun to wonder about shit like "What the hell is that grid on the side of Archie's head?" Nancy had that weird hair like an old fashioned football helmet and I used to work with a guy from Poland who looked just like 'Sluggo.'

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

wow!, brilliant!...'n absolutely hilarious!
'n yeah, the idea itself of takin' 2 panels, and put 'em as first & last, 'n then do a new story in between is something i consider maybe steal..uh!, borrowing.

alkbazz said...

Love that too, it's great idea to compil a book like that ! When I was at school a teacher give us that kind of exercice to do, i can see that it's still a good idea