Thursday, December 22, 2011


My first self-published art-zine --- "ICANNOTTAKEITOFF" --- 10 copies, photo-copied on 80g white paper --- images were used for animation.

Also, today my comixxx were published in
i have no teeth comics blog , here!


Mei said...

it looks amazing. how can I get one? would You like to exchange for another zine?

Aeron said...

Looks fantastic, Shaltmira. I'm glad that you're continuing with self publishing art zines. I think a lot of people have abandoned pursuits such as this as it tends to be easier to just put art online. But the physicality and presentation of the images on the pages is something you couldn't get in a jpeg on a webpage.

Also, the cover vaguely reminds me of the way the Chesire Cat's face vanishes, with only the eyes and mouth left, in Alice In Wonderland.

Eglė Shaltmira said...

>>> write me to

>>> THANK YOU, Aeron! ... I think it depends on person, I enjoy living half in reality and half in internet, but I also want to do some REAL things, so that's why recently I'm interested in releasing zines and doing exhibitions, participating in projects etc. Something for a change. It's easier just to put your artworks online. I want to do both. Talking about Alice, I know the story since I was a child and it's really inspiring.

alkbazz said...

Congrats! Zines are good for us! Sad you only have 10, would like to see it!

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Cool. May be I'll email you too to know if you're up for a trade.

Eglė Shaltmira said...

Everyone who are participating in my zine "EXCESSIVE VOYEURISM" and want to get this zine, I could send it together with "E.V." after it will be released, in February 2012. Email me