Saturday, December 03, 2011

Ken Russell RIP

 I hope this video works across the world and is not restricted to UK, tell me if it cant be seen. The part about Russell doing things that make you excited about the potential of film is true for me but sadly you come to the realisation that all these amazing things you might see would take a lot of guts, imagination, risk and perhaps money that rarely come together in th film industry. His bombastic aburdity certainly gave me something to aspire to.


Marcel Ruijters said...

Makes me want to look up his films again.

Also, Zdenek Miler, creator of the Little Mole (Krtek) just passed away. Sigh. Eastern-Block animation was so superior!

Human Mollusk said...

I didn't know about neither Russell's nor Miler's passing. Damn. I kind of tend to froget about Russell's films when thinking about stuff that I loved when I was young but on a subconscious level I'm sure his films must have influenced me, as I watched most of them and really liked them.
I never saw The Devils though, will have to check it out.