Thursday, February 21, 2013



since long time i don't have any deadline to complete, so i just start a comic on scraperboard. I can't wait to do new scaperboards, but i don't have so much time, so i do that one quickly after last drawing i made. On recent posts you've seen my headtree landscape, headrocks, then here i use this characters and try to show how they live (from headpack to individual head & then rooting & growing). That's solution i found to make comic, while i can't work on a single project searching for details, i use already done drawing to create a short story after it.
but here my friends didn't understand these 2 pages, so... ^^ but i'm having fun doing it


Kapreles said...

strong black & white images. i attempted to do scraper board years ago, but that led to nothing (didn't even finish it). well, maybe i'll pick it up again one day.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

i really like, romu! it do got very much black in it..which is always a good thing!. well, in my humble opinion atleast..

alkbazz said...

Hey! yes, Yves, well i don't know if it's appropriate for you but you must try again =)
there's a lot of black for sure, i was looking for more details but i couldn't find more for this one, so it stayed black
after discussion with friends, i understood that they expect from a comic an action in each panel... i'm not doing that way, so that's maybe why nobody understand
and i forgot to say that these are first 2 pages, not the end!