Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A double pager from a while ago.
Don't have any plans for it, so might as well post it.


Kapreles said...

nice work. the last character (plant pops out of head) at page 2 is very good! also: i got a zone 5300/schokkend nieuws flyer with your painting which i like a lot

Dieter VDO said...


alkbazz said...

it's nice, looks like a kid book for uncute kids... i'm actually working with walking heads, it's fun to see yours =)

Human Mollusk said...

love it!
reminds me of two things: the story "Seed from the Sepulchre" by C. A. Smith and this video I saw recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuKjBIBBAL8

Dieter VDO said...

Thanks alkbazz, this was done for a "kids book for uncute kids" in mind.

Thanks Fufu! Didn't know about the story or video yet.
Nice feature in the latest Zone 5300, by the way!

Dieter VDO said...
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Human Mollusk said...

Here someone posted Corben's comic adaptation of "Seed from the Sepulcher" (can't figure out if the original spelling is sepulchre or sepulcher):

Marcel Ruijters said...

That Corben comic sits on one of my my book shelves. A really creepy story. Thanks FuFu, for the nature film clip, that's great!

But nobody draws hungover-looking guys like Dieter does. Yay!

Human Mollusk said...

Yay indeed!

(disclaimer: in no way were my links meant to take away from the awesomness of Dieter's strip!! I was just happily associating.)

I read that Smith story in my early teens and the images it conjured up in my mind we so intense that the Corben adaptation is a bit of a let-down (I knew it existed but I only saw it for the first time today) - though Corben is great of course.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

wow!, really grrreat stuff there VDO! hmm, i dunno..but it kinda makes me think of some of the later, more recent stuff done by georg barber a.k.a. ATAK here in berlin. do you know this guy, dieter?

Dieter VDO said...

Thanks guys.
The amazing "Cordyceps-fungus" clip is a perfect example that mother nature brings the best horror. :-)

Crippa: Yes, I'm familiar with the work of ATAK.
Actually, I'm a fan of it. That's why certain figures of his work also pop up in my work. I like to do that.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

good to hear that you actually are familiar of ATAK and his stuff, so i don't feel like i'm coming off as a "pretentious namedropper" here. btw, ATAK is one of the original people who started the group/zine "renate" here in east berlin around 1989. i've been contributing with comix for renate since renate#11, which came out in 2003. blahblah..

Dieter VDO said...

I was in Berlin last summer. Stopped by the renate comics store, among many other cool places.
Berlin seems like a great place to live when you're an artist.